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Nothing works better than word of mouth and I have included these quotes not for my own ego but to show you that I am doing the right thing and it seems to be connecting with the staff and the children.

Quotes from Nominators for the BASE awards 2013

 "Tony Wilson is a first class storyteller / musician who has been working as a lone ranger in the North East of England and abroad for many years, and so has remained a relative unknown to other storytellers and a total stranger to the festival scene. This is bonkers – as his comic timing is fantastic, his accompanying banjo playing is jaw dropping and his range and off the cuff delivery of children’s stories both impressive and extensive. He is a very funny man. In my opinion its high time this superb teller was recognized for his contribution to storytelling in the UK and linked up so new audiences can enjoy his talents and material."

"His unique style made him stand out from any other author/ storyteller we have had visit our school. Even those children with the poorest concentration spans had their total attention held by Tony. His interactive working style and integration of songs and music were inspirational!"

"A talented teacher, story teller and musician, Tony has a deep understanding of what works with children, his accomplishments on guitar and other instruments only adds to the clever way he uses his voice, face and body. One of our Down syndrome children really took to his use of sign language, so much so that we have looked into using this with her in the future. Tony is inclusive; everyone feels better for having experienced his entertainment." 

 "The sessions that Tony delivered across our primary school were engaging for the children and inspiring for the teachers. I have seen many of the techniques he modelled used in classrooms. He clearly has a gift and he has certainly left a legacy in our school. I have recommended him to schools across the authority with full confidence."

"The children in Year 4 loved the storytelling and the writing session. Totally engaging and inspirational whilst having fun and learning at the same time. The creation of the story was skilfully delivered and the children were very excited that the story they had helped to create was going to appear on YOUTUBE." Bradford 2013

"I have been to so many events for children and Tony is the best. He entertains and engages with the children and adults and has them in stitches with his animated storytelling and songs. He showed us all how to tell a story in an interesting and memorable way. He held our attention for so long. He is like liquid gold!"                                                          Hartlepool Bookstart event 2013

" In my time as a teacher I have seen him at three different schools and he always does something different. He doesn't just tell the same stories or sing the same songs and every time it is just as amazing the way he enthralls the children. He has so much to show us all. Fantastic."  Salford April 2013

"When he came into the classroom the storytelling was so entertaing and useful for our current topic. When he created a story with the children he made such clear and understandable links between plot, setting and character that the children wanted to write immediately. The notes he left were so helpful. In the past I have found it difficult to teach narrative writing but he has left ideas and techniques that make it possible to develop a story about any subject."                Yr. 5 Salford 2013 

" Thanks for a wonderful day! The children thoroughly enjoyed your visit and got so much out of it. "Inspiring" was the word used by many staff, who have been trying your ideas. I have never seen them so enthused! I am sure you will have had an impact on our achievements in writing, especially being more creative.I have not yet found out when World Book Day is next year, but we would certainly like to book you again. Many thanks,                     North Shields 2013

" Thank you so much for opening our library. The assembly was really engaging and you brought such excitement to our special event! You really inspired the children in your workshop and the writing they produced was of an exceptionally high quality. Your discs and DVDs were such a lovely and useful souvenir of such a special day."
Thornaby 2013

You have been to us before and we found the sessions incredibly inspiring and useful! Salford 2013

Quotes from Chile tour 2010
Tony Wilson - UK31/05/10Maria Ignacia ValdésVilla Maria Academy - Santiago de ChileWhat did you think of Tony's narration style?
“It was excellent, it kept you interested. Also, the way he made the students repeat what he was narrating, as a teacher I felt sure that the girls understood what the story was about. He was so articulate, and since he had movements or gestures for different words the girls were even more attentive so as not to make a mistake with the movements.”

Was there anything in particular that surprised you/ that you weren't expecting?
“Definitely! He even taught the girls geography! He showed them a map of England and told them about different places. Later, after his story he even did a little grammar lesson! Telling them about "Wh-questions" , and then they were able to ask him questions, and the students just loved that too.”

Anything you were expecting that didn't happen?
“I thought that maybe the 5th graders would not fully understand Tony, that they may get lost, but that didn't happen at all!!!! They followed him completely, even the jokes!”

Suggestions for Tony:
“Please do try to come again, it was an incredible experience, and there could even be workshops for us teachers on how to become better storytellers.”

Did your students benefit from the experience? How?
“They most definitely did! They had a great time, but they were not only having fun they were also learning English language, about England, and even some grammar! It was a wonderful experience.”

Dream On
“I have nothing but praise! Everything you did was excellent, the coordination, the PATIENCE!, the explanations, absolutely everything was perfect. Not only clear, but also kind.”

"I have nothing but praise! Everything you did was excellent, the coordination, the PATIENCE!, the explanations, absolutely everything was perfect. Not only clear,but also kind. You are absolutely marvellous in your sharing of such invaluable skills and talent."

“Quality work from a quality artist  who was flexible, memorable and highlystimulating.”
“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work and enthusiasm when we visited Washington for the Rhyme Rocket. Your workshops were absolutely brilliant and I learned so much from watching the way you interacted with thechildren.”  
                                                                                       BBC Manchester 2012

He approaches his storytelling with a dynamism and energy that held my attentionin a way no storyteller had come close to. The time flew and I was hanging on his every word. It was more akin to watching a top-class adventure movie than listening to a story. Every now and then I'll see someone who's such a masterof his craft, I really would rather just watch (and learn!)  Tony Wilson is that person and then some, they don't come any better! 'Nuff Said!'                       
Keith Donnelly, Writer, Performer,Storyteller

"In one session a professional storyteller demonstrated how parents could read stories with their children. He created and encouraged a high level of involvement by the learners in the activity with frequent discussion and questioning."
                                                                              Inspection Report.Berkshire

"I felt that I could immediately use the methods Tony used in the classroom with my children. I feel that I can meet the challenge to create a story from everyday objects."                                                                Y2 TEACHER

"You can tell by the way that he reacts and talks to the children that he has been a great teacher, but he is an even better storyteller. I have never seen a story told in the way that he does it. Charismatic and charming and the children loved him. I have never seen them so entranced for so long a time."                                       Yr. 3Teacher Poole. Dorset

"I have been given so many new ideas to stimulate writing, to maintain children's interest in writing and ideas for planning a story. Tony has given us so many practical ideas and some strategies to include disaffected readers."

"Could you please reserve me a slot of time in your diary for next year? We are delighted with our writing results this year and would like to repeat this next year. This time could you work with the Yr.3 and Yr.4 classes as well as theYr.2?"                                                            Head Teacher. Northumberland.

Tony Wilson lives his life as a minstrel and storyteller. I choose these words carefully, because for Tony, bringing stories to life is a calling, a gift which he offers with both wit and wisdom. Having the pleasure of touring with him, I know first-hand the spell he can cast on audiences of all ages. We are all storytellers in one way or another, but Tony shines bright as one to whom we all should listen.                     JamieOliviero, storyteller, Winnipeg   

'I have worked with loads of storytellers and none come close to Tony . He loves what he does and it shows. His natural way with young people,his enthusiasm and sense of fun make him a real professional. Who else do you know who knows a million stories and a million songs and does what he does witha smile on his face?  He captivates and enthrals his audience wherever he goes and seeing him do his stuff is a real treat!!   
ThatPoetry Bloke. Craig Bradley 

“Tony’s presentation was awesome. He knew how to have students’attention focused and his stories were targeted for the different grade levels.Students were actively participating in the retelling of an invented story onthe spot. The mood was excellent with the accompaniment of Tony's banjo. Time was precise for the activity programmed and students left with the desire for more. What surprised me the most was his personality and force when speaking.This aspect got to capture students´ attention” Gmn. LaMontaña Lima                                             

The storyteller was excellent. He adapted his style to the different age groups. His teaching experience showed through and he even gave us some materials for things that we were studying.  Brilliant. The teachers that accompanied the children learned some stuff too! He was very natural.The students absolutely loved it! Right from the young ones up to the big ones. They really enjoyed the way he told stories and they loved his songs and banjo playing.Lots of parents came to say thanks, because their children had really enjoyedthe experience.                                                
 FlemingCollege Huanchaco Peru                   

Just a short note to say a huge thank you as I think that you are inspirational with your storytelling. I watched your DVD of stories and it inspired me so much I decided to learn them and do one of them in an interview and landed myself a new full time post. The head teacher said the best part was when he looked around the room and saw 4 adults with their mouths open watching. Thank you once again for your storytelling.          Reception NQT Derby

"Sheer,unadulterated pleasure from start to finish.
The teachers have enjoyedit just as much as the children. Fantastic!"                                                     Head Teacher. Stoke on Trent.

We had a visit from the Story teller Tony Wilson, renowned for his story telling around the country. The children and staff alike all enjoyed the visit from Tony. This was an enjoyable session for children and a practical learning experience for staff. Tony held the children's attention through out the 45 minutes he was with them.The children's imaginations were captivated by the stories and the audience participation for the children kept them engrossed for the whole time. With individuals being chosen to take parts and group joining in experiences. Tony covered a range of different objectives from the EYFS and every child matters documentation. Staff are now using these practices in the every day learning of the children.      Headteacher, Beverley, East Yorkshire


CPD, STORY & SONG CDs & DVDs ONLY £3 EACH  0R 3 FOR £10  inc. P&P


DVD “Fairy  Stories for Young children” 0-5 years (60 mins)

Goldilocks/ Jack and the Beanstalk/ The 3 Little pigs/ Little Red Ridinghood/ The 3 Billygoats Gruff 

CD “Under Mother Goose’s Wing” 0-5 years (57 minutes)

43 Nursery Rhymes and Stories. Ideal for car journeys.

CD “The House that Jack and Jill Built” 0-5 years (67 minutes)

Nursery Rhymes and Stories. Played on guitar, banjo and whistle, with many Nursery rhymes included between the songs.

DVD “Live Nursery Stories” 0-5 years (58 mins)

Live performances of traditional and original stories and songs.


DVD “ Grimm tales by Candlelight” 8-adult (70 minutes)

A collection of Traditional Stories collected by the Brothers Grimm including “The glass coffin” & “ 1 eye 2 eyes and 3 eyes.”

DVD “ Northern Tales” 8-adult (70 minutes)

A collection of 4Traditional North-eastern Stories including “The Lambton Worm” & “ The tide at Morpeth.”

 3 CD “ The 5 Corners of the World” 7+ years to adult (3 X 70 minutes)

A collection of 14 stories from all around the world.

DVD/CD “From the Darkness to the Light” 7+ years ( 2 X 70 minutes)

A collection of original stories created with K.S. 2 children about Victorian lifestyles and jobs and the mining industry in the Northeast until the present day.

CD “Gerach’s Road” 11+ years to adult (70 minutes)

An original, mystical, Winter’s story where those who show willing get their just reward.
“Tony Wilson is bang on the wavelength of children with this Celtic tale.”TES 1996

CD “Songs from a Northern Heart” (63 minutes)  

A collection of 15 + North-eastern ‘Standards’ including  “Blaydon Races”,

“Cushie Butterfield” and “The Lambton Worm”.

DVD “Christmas Tales” 0-adult (63 minutes)

A collection of Christmas and Winter stories from around the World

including ‘Baboushka’ , ‘Snowflake’  and ‘Winter Cherries’ 

CD “Tommy Fohl’s Spotty Christmas Eve” 7+ years to adult

An original, funny, story written and told by Tony Wilson about family

life in the Northeast in the late 1950’s.

3 CDs “The Lament of the Stars/ The Farmer’s Dawn’” 7 years to adult

2 original, co-written stories, told by native speakers in English, Spanish and French with the 3 texts available to download.



2 DVD “ Practical Creative Writing” CPD (70 minutes)

An instructional collection of explanations, demonstrations and techniques to improve your confidence and ability to develop creative writing in the Primary classroom. 

6 Disc DVD/CD “A Practical guide to Jack and the Beanstalk ” CPD

A collection of practical, cross-curricular exercises to give a varied  approach the teaching of a text-based subject.

N.B. £15 for this collection

thestoryteller@talktalk.net www.tonywilsonvideos.co.uk 07779945411