"His thought-provoking, no-nonsense, practical, back to basics workshop gave me the confidence to tackle creative writing without all of the worry of punctuation and parts of English. If I can get the children to spontaneously make stories orally it's a first step to get them to record them and have confidence in their own imagination." Delegate North Lancashire November 2012

"His presentation and the materials he supplied us with have already been included in our planning. What I liked about his workshop was that he showed us that writing can be fun. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and start trying new things, the children's creativity will flourish".                             Colegio Trener LIMA June 2012

I have delivered Keynote speeches and workshops to National and regional conferences for the n.c.m.a. and for Literacy and educational conferences for TES and other publications, I know that I would be an asset to your conference.

I have also delivered innumerable long-term projects for Literacy development in the early years sector for the Prince's Trust and Creative Partnerships.

"Great practical ideas, the course renewed my enthusiasm in story writing and storytelling"

As a keynote speaker I would deliver an entertaining, informative and jargon-free discussion about the reasoning behind the use of language in the home and in school and in the development of good practice to promote a love of books, songs, mark-making and reading.

There are original, participatory songs about writing and reading played on guitar and banjo to make a contrast to the talk and to highlight certain aspects of learning. There would be an emphasis on demonstrating practical activities that the delegates could then incorporate into their own practice.

The students absolutely loved it! Right from the young ones up to the big ones. They really enjoyed the way he told stories and they loved his songs and banjo playing. Lots of parents came to say thanks, because their children had really enjoyed the experience."         Fleming College Huanchaco Peru June 2012

I have two, age-specific, targeted workshops that I could deliver.

1 "Stories from nothing and Nowhere."
A practical, confidence-building discussion on how to promote and record literacy activities. The delegates will be be shown how to use a simple analysis of a story and, by repeated, mutual questioning, create age and vocabulary appropriate, oral stories that can be used to develop imagination and an understanding of a linear, tripartite story in young children.They will be shown how to use the children's own drawings and emergent writing to create a 'book' of their work and use it to increase an understanding of the power and purpose of the drawing/ writing process.The delegates will then experience, at first hand, how to construct a story themselves and tell and re-tell it to each other. The main emphasis is being able to repeat the processes and techniques shown and then transfering them to their own learning environment and record keeping. www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3DFztZSUME

2 "Practical paper construction." (Max 20 at a time)

I have spent many years developing a huge number of inexpensive, repeatable techniques that are suitable for the fine-motor skills of the under fives and this is a heavily practical course that shows how you can use a number of cheap, inexpensive and everyday objects such as paper, rulers, glue-sticks, paper clips and scissors to simply make a vast array of constructions; boxes, girders, houses and then how to apply basic scientific rules to test their strength and durability.The emphasis is in the demonstration of how you can apply the scientific aspects of paper contruction to give an understanding of use of design, materials and use of appropriate tools and development of a scientific approach to the world. www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0uRIp2wppA

"I have worked with loads of storytellers and none come close to Tony . He loves what he does and it shows. His natural way with young people, his enthusiasm and sense of fun make him a real professional. Who else do you know who knows a million stories and a million songs and does what he does with a smile on his face? He captivates and enthalls his audience wherever he goes and seeing him do his stuff is a real treat!!" That Poetry Bloke Craig Bradley September 2012

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch or phone 07779945411 Tony Wilson

thestoryteller@talktalk.net www.tonywilsonvideos.co.uk 07779945411